Heist in the Wild West


Hiest in the Wild West

Banks have been stealin from innocent people all over the country and gosh darn they have done the same to you. You join a posse to get back your hard earned money back. The posse has given you one hour to get in and out of the bar with your money. Will you be able to make it in time?

Room max 6 people

6 Player Maximum

This room is a slightly easier  room and best for newbies or experienced players that really enjoy well laid out paths.


There must be at least one adult in the room with children under 12 to help keep them on track and supervise.


My friends and I have done almost all of the rooms they currently have available and absolutely loved them! (Jungle Temple was my favorite and is easily one of my top 5 favorite rooms that I’ve done overall) Each of the rooms that we’ve done has been well-thought out and I love that for most of the rooms they’ll send you in with a clue or puzzle!

Megan McBride

Had a great time! Would recommend the Zombie experience. This is my 3rd escape room, each experience from different businesses, and this one was my favorite so far. Appreciated the Covid measures taken by the staff to keep themselves and their customers safe. Thanks again!
Tina Lane

For my first run, we did the wizarding final exams. Talk about a very cool idea. The group we had worked really well together so we’re going to have to do that in the future of course! The theme was very engaging as well.

James Vail

We had a great time with the Wild West Saloon. It was very straight forward, clean, and clever. We got stuck a couple of times and a quick hint from the man upstairs had us right back on track. We finished under the time limit. Looking forward to the next one!

Beau Strahm