View our rooms below. All rooms are private:) Please be sure to have one adult in the room with kids under 12.


This was such a fun night out with my coworkers! We did the jungle adventure… the puzzles were unique, intriguing, and just challenging enough to keep our brains thinking and still have fun.

Monica Darbyshire

For my husband’s birthday, we went to Escape This! Awesome! We all left feeling like it was the best thing we’ve done in a long time. I have never done anything like this! If you want something different besides birthday cake and ice- try this!

Rachel B

For my first run, we did the wizarding final exams. Talk about a very cool idea. The group we had worked really well together so we’re going to have to do that in the future of course! The theme was very engaging as well.

James Vail

We had a great time with the Wild West Saloon. It was very straight forward, clean, and clever. We got stuck a couple of times and a quick hint from the man upstairs had us right back on track. We finished under the time limit. Looking forward to the next one!

Beau Strahm