Santa's Workshop

This room is only available Nov 1 - Feb 28


Wow, 2020 has been rough! Santa’s decided this year, families, as well as kids need a little extra Christmas joy. But, he’s spread a bit thin! So – he needs your help deciding what families need him most. He’s gonna give his elves just a quick break and thought it would be fun if you could take that time to play around in his workshop for a bit. Before you leave, he’d like you to find his Nice List and leave the name of a family you think might need some extra help this Christmas. Santa will pick one family from the list every week till Christmas and send them a $300 gift card to Walmart.

 (We had such a huge response of so many families in need that we have decided to extend nominations one more week.  You can still nominate families for a $300 walmart gift card thru jan 3rd.  Santas Workshop will still be open thru February after that but with a tad different story line. 

How this will work: This room is set up just like any other escape room, with puzzles and games to solve. once you find the nice list, you will see instructions on how to nominate a family.

We will pick one family a week.

We will contact you for more details if the family you nominated is picked.

If you do not have a family to nominate you can suggest a charity.
And don’t worry a bit, if you are not able to find Santa’s Nice List before your hour is up, we’ll help you out before you leave!

6 Players

This room has a 4-6 player limit as to create the best environment for the room and its size.


All of our rooms feature an interactive story with puzzles and challenges for players to work through together to escape.


My friends and I have done almost all of the rooms they currently have available and absolutely loved them! (Jungle Temple was my favorite and is easily one of my top 5 favorite rooms that I’ve done overall) Each of the rooms that we’ve done has been well-thought out and I love that for most of the rooms they’ll send you in with a clue or puzzle!

Megan McBride

Had a great time! Would recommend the Zombie experience. This is my 3rd escape room, each experience from different businesses, and this one was my favorite so far. Appreciated the Covid measures taken by the staff to keep themselves and their customers safe. Thanks again!
Tina Lane

For my first run, we did the wizarding final exams. Talk about a very cool idea. The group we had worked really well together so we’re going to have to do that in the future of course! The theme was very engaging as well.

James Vail

We had a great time with the Wild West Saloon. It was very straight forward, clean, and clever. We got stuck a couple of times and a quick hint from the man upstairs had us right back on track. We finished under the time limit. Looking forward to the next one!

Beau Strahm